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DEAzA�FRE TRANSLATION is a professional translation company that provide high quality professional translation and localisation services to enable you to communicate accurately. We employ professional and certified translators. With over 10 yearsa�� experience we present translation service in about 60 language pairs.


  • All your translations are made by translators who are experts in their fields. Before delivery, translations are controlled by editor.
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  • DeAYifre Translation uses the most common terminologies.
  • DeAYifre Translation works 7/24 and assures you reasonable rates and quick deliveries in almost all kinds of translations.


  • Afghan -Turkish Translation
  • German -English Translation
  • German -Turkish Translation
  • Arabic a��English Translation
  • Arabic a��Turkish Translation
  • Albanian -Turkish Translation
  • Azerbaijani -Turkish Translation
  • Bosnian a��Turkish Translation
  • Bulgarian -Turkish Translation
  • Chinese a��Turkish Translation
  • Danish -Turkish Translation
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  • Armenian -Turkish Translation
  • Persian -English Translation
  • Persian -Turkish Translation
  • French -English Translation
  • French -Turkish Translation
  • Georgian -Turkish Translation
  • Dutch -Turkish Translation
  • Hebrew -Turkish Translation
  • English -Turkish Translation
  • Spanish-English Translation
  • Spanish-Turkish Translation
  • Italian -Turkish Translation
  • Japanese -Turkish Translation
  • Kazakh -Turkish Translation
  • Kirghiz -Turkish Translation
  • Korean -Turkish Translation
  • Kurdish -Turkish Translation
  • Macedonian -Turkish Translation
  • Norwegian -Turkish Translation
  • Ottoman Turkish -Turkish Translation
  • Portuguese -Turkish Translation
  • Romanian -Turkish Translation
  • Russian-Turkish Translation
  • Serbian -Turkish Translation
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  • Thai -Turkish Translation
  • Turkmen -Turkish Translation
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  • Ukrainian -Turkish Translation
  • Urdu -Turkish Translation
  • Greek -Turkish Translation

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