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DEŞİFRE TRANSLATION is a professional translation company that provide high quality professional translation and localisation services to enable you to communicate accurately. We employ professional and certified translators. With over 10 years’ experience we present translation service in about 60 language pairs.


  • All your translations are made by translators who are experts in their fields. Before delivery, translations are controlled by editor.
  • Purchase Cheap

  • Deşifre Translation uses the most common terminologies.
  • Deşifre Translation works 7/24 and assures you reasonable rates and quick deliveries in almost all kinds of translations.


  • Afghan -Turkish Translation
  • German -English Translation
  • German -Turkish Translation
  • Arabic –English Translation
  • Arabic –Turkish Translation
  • Albanian -Turkish Translation
  • Azerbaijani -Turkish Translation
  • Bosnian –Turkish Translation
  • Bulgarian -Turkish Translation
  • Chinese –Turkish Translation
  • Danish -Turkish Translation
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  • Armenian -Turkish Translation
  • Persian -English Translation
  • Persian -Turkish Translation
  • French -English Translation
  • French -Turkish Translation
  • Georgian -Turkish Translation
  • Dutch -Turkish Translation
  • Hebrew -Turkish Translation
  • English -Turkish Translation
  • Spanish-English Translation
  • Spanish-Turkish Translation
  • Italian -Turkish Translation
  • Japanese -Turkish Translation
  • Kazakh -Turkish Translation
  • Kirghiz -Turkish Translation
  • Korean -Turkish Translation
  • Kurdish -Turkish Translation
  • Macedonian -Turkish Translation
  • Norwegian -Turkish Translation
  • Ottoman Turkish -Turkish Translation
  • Portuguese -Turkish Translation
  • Romanian -Turkish Translation
  • Russian-Turkish Translation
  • Serbian -Turkish Translation
  • Pills

  • Thai -Turkish Translation
  • Turkmen -Turkish Translation
  • Ukrainian -Turkish Translation
  • Urdu -Turkish Translation
  • Greek -Turkish Translation

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